Thursday, September 17, 2009

W. Seattle Sneak Peak

I love mantels. This is such a great spot to throw-in those punches of color. In a "staged" home the idea is to return all the walls to neutral and target the broadest audience (potential buyers). However, I like to find fun ways to throw in color and in staging I do this withe my accessories.
This is a new color-scheme I've added to my collection. It is very trendy and in my opinion looks fantastic in any room! The aqua blue colors are calming and take me to a beach-like environment and the "punches" of orange really just make me happy, reminds me of sunshine:)

The kitchen is definately still in progress. So stay tuned...

I will be adding some things to this table and possibly be changing the table cloth. We'll see...

The buttery yellow color turned-out so nice, I just love it, I may even use it somewhere in my house. It really brightened up the space and goes SO well with the blue accessories. Again, makes me want to get to the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this small "sneak-peak" of my current stage. Stay tuned next week for complete photos of this property and/or a slideshow!

1 comment:

Naz said...

The buttery yellow is beautiful and I really love the aqua you're adding into the accessories! Can't wait to see more!