Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lakemont, Bellevue, Washington "Before" and "After"

This home is currently occupied by it's owners and is in the Lakemont Neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. This stage required me to use the owners furniture and much of their own decorative items and accessories. I did bring in some of my own items, including some artwork, small accessories, a couch and 3 bar stools.

This is a large 4th bedroom/bonus upstairs. It is currently used by the owners for home-schooling. We asked the owner to clear-out several bins and keep only what is NEEDED for teaching in the room. We rearranged furniture and organized the room a bit.



AFTER. We brought the beautiful long mirror that was leaning against a wall in the dining room to the master bedroom. Large mirrors make make a room look bigger and it filled this space nicely. We also removed the ottoman from this room and used it in the family room. It really opened-up some space in the master. We rearranged the bedding a bit, and voila, a cozy, comfy, and romantic space.

Lots and lots of storage but a room with too much "stuff" filling all the space can actually make it appear that there isn't enough storage in the home. Potential buyers may assume that if all the storage is being utilized and full to the brim, well, maybe there just isn't enough storage...the owners cleared-out the books and I added some decorative items to make it look nice but not too full.

After. I also moved the sitting chair away from the wet-bar (selling-point), and added a table and lamp so someone might imagine themselves cozy-ing up with a book.

Living room BEFORE

Asked the owners to remove their red chair and game table and brought in my couch and accessories. Now the space looks warm and inviting.

Dining room BEFORE.

Removed several items from the shelving and rearranged the accessories. I handed-over my accessories and I asked my friend Nazra to take-on the table setting as I know she's very talented at that!

Family room BEFORE

This room was a bit of a challenge as there is something on each wall that is a selling point and could not be blocked or hidden. We rearranged the furniture to cozy-it-up to the fireplace but still leave it practical so the current owners can still enjoy family time and watch TV.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's done...introducing the WEST SEATTLE STAGE! With Newly Posted Professional Photos!

These are updated photos from our professional photographer. Much better angles, wider shots and brighter in color! The FINISHED basement.
I REALLY love the way this room turned-out. The walls are so much brighter and lighter than the dark maroon color they were before...AND I love how the green grass pops through the windows!

I wish my camera could do this! What a great shot of the entire kitchen and much of it's storage! Fully updated and also painted a soft yellow color.

Formal Dining rooming viewing the front yard.

Cozy living room- snuggled around the fireplace. Also the first room you see upon entering the home.

The office.

Please visit the slideshow of this stage for many more photos. West Seattle.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

W. Seattle Sneak Peak

I love mantels. This is such a great spot to throw-in those punches of color. In a "staged" home the idea is to return all the walls to neutral and target the broadest audience (potential buyers). However, I like to find fun ways to throw in color and in staging I do this withe my accessories.
This is a new color-scheme I've added to my collection. It is very trendy and in my opinion looks fantastic in any room! The aqua blue colors are calming and take me to a beach-like environment and the "punches" of orange really just make me happy, reminds me of sunshine:)

The kitchen is definately still in progress. So stay tuned...

I will be adding some things to this table and possibly be changing the table cloth. We'll see...

The buttery yellow color turned-out so nice, I just love it, I may even use it somewhere in my house. It really brightened up the space and goes SO well with the blue accessories. Again, makes me want to get to the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this small "sneak-peak" of my current stage. Stay tuned next week for complete photos of this property and/or a slideshow!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to my Blog and Thank You!

I would like to welcome you to my staging blog and thank you for visiting. I have truly found this adventure into Home Staging an amazing experience and opportunity. Though I have been working exlusively with our team, The James Real Estate Group ( since November of last year, I am opening the doors to FSBO's (For Sale- By Owner). If you or someone you know would like a "staging consultation" please contact me at I will be happy to discuss with you the purpose of home staging and all of it's benefits. We have had a tremendous amount of success this past year in a very difficult market. With a very dedicated team and some of the best marketing strategies known to Real Estate, the James Real Estate Group will get your house sold with little or no work for you. Please browse my blog freely. Realize that the latest post are "BEFORE" photos only. This home is just getting ready to undgo renovations. Staging is the final step prior to listing a home, therefore, "AFTER" photos are still a bit ahead of us. However, I have included two slideshows of previous "stages" at the top right column of this blog. You may click on the slideshow to view photos up close. Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work. ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

West Seattle Project

Portion of un-finished basement. This will be amazing when we're done with it!
The current owner has already done some lovely updates to the kitchen. It will just need some AHS (Accredited Home Stager) touches.

This will become the kitchen nook, right now the space is not being utilized. The color will change as well.

This space is currently blue and green and will be neutralized. This space will be staged as an office.

Currently the two separate spaces are being used as one large space. I will stage these rooms separately. The room with the large TV will become a formal dining area.

I am so happy to share that the Redmond home has officially closed. Our next project is located in West Seattle. After an initial walk-through I have determined the staging plan and chosen the color schemes...this home is so great! Here is a sneak peak at some of the rooms I will be staging. Here is a sneak peak at some of the rooms prior to staging. The home is currently being lived in. The James Real Estate Group will take on a full basement remodel...can't wait to see the finished project!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Redmond offer...

We are absolutely pleased to report that the home in Redmond was completed and listed on Friday, May 29th. We were in Mexico when we received a call that there would be a showing at 1pm the same day. That same evening and offer was submited and after negotiations the house in now PENDING! YAHOOOOOOO!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Completed Redmond Stage...

Beautifully nested Redmond, Washington home.

Previously this room had maroon walls and a "naked" table. Now the area looks ready for formal entertaining.

This bedroom was purple and green and packed full of "stuff" prior to staging.

This room had white couches and white walls prior to staging.

The homeowners blue couches from this room were moved upstairs into their bonus space and these white couches were moved into their family room from their formal living space. I used my orange accents to bring in the color and warm things-up a bit. The room was painted as well as the bricks around the fireplace.

Vacant room...added a bed and a few accessories.

Same room as above.

This room was almost empty. I had their couches from downstairs moved upstairs and created a practical family space.

The kitchen was painted and cleaned-up, little organization and a few small accessories to bring in color. I have added a slide show to the right.

I finished this house today, May 17th. I chose two different shades of a neutral cover to be painted throughout the house. I brought in several of my own decorating accessories and a few pieces of my own furniture. I had movers move several pieces of furniture in to different rooms of the home - there was a lot of re-arranging. The powder room and master bathroom were completely remodeled with new cabinetry and granite-slab countertops and mirrors/molding.

The homeowners still live in this home and are currently on vacation. I wonder if they'll recognize their own house when they get back...I hope they like it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Redmond Stage Update...

"BEFORE" pictures are below. Thank you for visiting. The Master bath remodel is in it's final stage and the interior paint is done as of tomorrow. I will be updating my photos within the next week with "AFTER" shots. Please visit again soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next Stage- Redmond Home

Terry recently picked-up this listing in Redmond, Washington. We will again be remodeling the master bathroom and I will assist in designing the layout and choosing everything from accessories to tile, granite and belly-band design. I'm in the process of choosing neutral paints to cover the current colors in the home. After my recent walk-through I have created a "staging profile" for the client and have made many suggestions as to getting their home ready to sell. After the homeowners have cleaned and cleared-out several things I will go in with my accessories and some of my furniture to help market the best assets of this home. We're hoping to list this home in mid-May. Here are the "BEFORE" photos...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mercer Island Property Pending!

Great offer has been made and after negotiations our Mercer Island property is currently STI (Subject to Inspection). Thank you everyone for your continued support. With these two listing off the market stay tuned for more staging photos from our next two listings!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lakemont, Issaquah-area home has SOLD!

Thank you to friends and family and anyone else checking-out my staging blog. We are happy to report that the Issaquah home is currently PENDING.

The Mercer Island home has seen a lot of activity in January and traffic is still picking-up.