Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lakemont, Bellevue, Washington "Before" and "After"

This home is currently occupied by it's owners and is in the Lakemont Neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. This stage required me to use the owners furniture and much of their own decorative items and accessories. I did bring in some of my own items, including some artwork, small accessories, a couch and 3 bar stools.

This is a large 4th bedroom/bonus upstairs. It is currently used by the owners for home-schooling. We asked the owner to clear-out several bins and keep only what is NEEDED for teaching in the room. We rearranged furniture and organized the room a bit.



AFTER. We brought the beautiful long mirror that was leaning against a wall in the dining room to the master bedroom. Large mirrors make make a room look bigger and it filled this space nicely. We also removed the ottoman from this room and used it in the family room. It really opened-up some space in the master. We rearranged the bedding a bit, and voila, a cozy, comfy, and romantic space.

Lots and lots of storage but a room with too much "stuff" filling all the space can actually make it appear that there isn't enough storage in the home. Potential buyers may assume that if all the storage is being utilized and full to the brim, well, maybe there just isn't enough storage...the owners cleared-out the books and I added some decorative items to make it look nice but not too full.

After. I also moved the sitting chair away from the wet-bar (selling-point), and added a table and lamp so someone might imagine themselves cozy-ing up with a book.

Living room BEFORE

Asked the owners to remove their red chair and game table and brought in my couch and accessories. Now the space looks warm and inviting.

Dining room BEFORE.

Removed several items from the shelving and rearranged the accessories. I handed-over my accessories and I asked my friend Nazra to take-on the table setting as I know she's very talented at that!

Family room BEFORE

This room was a bit of a challenge as there is something on each wall that is a selling point and could not be blocked or hidden. We rearranged the furniture to cozy-it-up to the fireplace but still leave it practical so the current owners can still enjoy family time and watch TV.