Monday, September 21, 2009

It's done...introducing the WEST SEATTLE STAGE! With Newly Posted Professional Photos!

These are updated photos from our professional photographer. Much better angles, wider shots and brighter in color! The FINISHED basement.
I REALLY love the way this room turned-out. The walls are so much brighter and lighter than the dark maroon color they were before...AND I love how the green grass pops through the windows!

I wish my camera could do this! What a great shot of the entire kitchen and much of it's storage! Fully updated and also painted a soft yellow color.

Formal Dining rooming viewing the front yard.

Cozy living room- snuggled around the fireplace. Also the first room you see upon entering the home.

The office.

Please visit the slideshow of this stage for many more photos. West Seattle.

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Naz said...

HOly SmOkes! This looks fabulous, Sheree!!! I LOVE it!! I want to cuddle up on the couch or sit at the kitchen table to eat breakfast(I can't decide which one sounds better)- it looks so inviting! :-)