Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Talk About Staging...

There are major benefits of staging your home, a professional stager will explain the process, and provide a detailed list of recommendations to get your house sold fast! After a professional staging consultation you can start to get your home looking its’ best. Staging will secure equity in your home and sell your property faster. Staging always gives the seller a marketing edge.

What to expect from a Stager:

*Tour the home and create a list of recommendations to turn the home back into a house
-A detailed explanation will be provided in regards to the following areas:
i. Clean
ii. De-clutter
iii. Repair/update
iv. Showcase selling features;
minimize undesirable features

*Decorating vs. Staging- Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging targets a buyer who will purchase the house using a universal style.

Top 10 Home Improvements - Things you can think about now:

clean and de-clutter
lighten and brighten (paint and lighting)
repair electrical/plumbing problems
replace or shampoo carpets
paint interior
paint exterior
repair damaged flooring
Update kitchen and bathrooms

Positive First Impressions: - *Buyers are comparing several properties in a short period of time.

· Look Good. Everything from the curb and through the house looks good, well tended on and “on-trend.”

· Smelling Good. Air is fresh and clean. Artificial fragrances give buyers the impression that you’re trying to cover something.

· Sounding Good. Pleasant music. Close windows.

· Feeling Good. No discomfort, easy to navigate through, clean, organized, and a comfortable temperature.

· Tasting Good. Open house. Snacks- this slows down buyers to take a closer look.

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